Weeprofab Rubber Production Capabilities

Using the highest standards, Weeprofab is able to manufacture high-grade and commercial rubber sheets and products.

We can provide you with our latest catalog with a wide range of sheet selections including molded sheets, Vamac, Nitril Cl sheets, EPDM, and more.

Aside from rubber sheets, we also supply cow mats, rubber blocks, rubber skirting, silicone sheets, and more. With our sufficient supply chain, Weeprofab is capable of supplying rubber products to different countries including Canada, Asia, the United States, Europe, and more.

OEM Rubber Sheet to Suit Your Applications

  • We can provide rubber sheet with thickness ranging from 0.10 to 0.50 inch.
  • You can assure a +/-0.003 tolerance depending the material hardness and thickness.
  • Fluorosilicone, vamac, and other special polymers are available
  • Standard 36 to 60 inches width (custom widths are also available upon your request)
  • You can request for a specific rubber roll slit
  • Adhesive rubber sheet options are also available
  • Offers cloth fabric finish, paper finish, high gloss finish, and other special finish
OEM Rubber Sheet to Suit Your Applications

Advanced Technology Machines and Services


We have sheeting machines that are used for high-volume cut and long-run rubber production.


Our precision slitter machines are capable converting materials into rolls with more than 20 inches. It can also provide accurate width and thickness cutting. We also have trim slitter used for small roll purposes.

Heavy-Gauge Cut Sizes
Heavy-Gauge Cut Sizes

Weeprofab has an in-stock Neoprene rubber sheet if you want a heavy-gauge sheet to suit your applications.

Your One-Stop Rubber Sheet Source
Your One-Stop Rubber Sheet Source

Weeprofab offers same day shipping to ensure fast delivery. We are also capable of customizing each rubber product to meet your exact requirements.

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