Features of Cenrain FKM Rubber Sheet

  • Highest resistance to chemicals, including acids, aggressive solvents, hydrocarbons, fuel and oil
  • Excellent aging, Ozone and high-temperature resistance
  • Impermeable to gases
  • Long-term durability in harsh environments

Cenrain FKM rubber sheet is a synthetic material with excellent resistance to Ozone, aggressive solvent chemicals, and light. It is a fluorocarbon rubber compliant with ASTM D 1418 and ISO 1629.

Our fluoroelastomer rubber is a high-performance material available in rolls and sheets. You can cut our FKM sheet for any application, including strips and gaskets.

Cenrain FKM rubber guarantee unmatched resistance to hydrocarbons. However, nitric acid, ketones, hydrofluoric, and chlorosulfonic may compromise its performance.

Cenrain uses high-grade Fluoroelastomer (FKM) material. It is the best rubber sheet for all commercial applications with harsh and demanding environmental requirements.

Our FKM rubber sheet guarantees unparalleled temperature performance even in extreme conditions of -20 °C +300 °C.

As a market leader in the specialty rubber industry, Cenrain offers unlimited FKM sheets options, including different thicknesses and color.

Applications Of Cenrain FKM Rubber

Our FKM sheet is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, beverage, semiconductor, aerospace, and automotive industries, among other high-temperature resistant applications such as:

  • Heat treatment systems
  • Acid resistant uses
  • Gasket and sealing, including FKM gaskets and FKM O-rings
  • Protection pads such as FKM rubber cords and sections
  • Contact applications where you use hydrocarbons and chemicals
  • Control valves and regulators
Do You Have an FDA-Compliant FDA Compliance Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet?


Cenrain FKM rubber sheet is also FDA compliant. It is odorless, and non-toxic, with non-allergic properties.

Our rubber sheets comply with the FDA 21 CFR NO:177 – 2600 and EU1935/2004 regulations.

Are Cenrain FKM Rubber Sheet Same As Viton?

Viton is a generic name for nearly all fluorocarbon polymers and its compound.

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