colored rubber sheets

Colored Rubber Sheets

Weeprofab colored rubber sheets are widely appreciated due to their exclusive qualities, performance benefits, and cost-effectiveness. Aside from its features, our rubber sheets are popularly utilized in many different commercial and industrial applications.

Weeprofab Colored Rubber Sheets

Weeprofab colored rubber sheets are fabricated by using high-premium grade rubber — usually from natural, synthetic, recycled, or reclaimed materials. It is molded into flat sheets with different colors and usually sold in a roll of certain lengths.

Furthermore, our range of colored rubber sheets can be customized set on your specific requirements. You can decide on the material grades, sizes, thicknesses, widths, and lengths that will support your projects. With advanced production technology and processing equipment, we potentially produce a thousand colored rubber sheets at a fast lead time.

Green Rubber Sheet

Green rubber sheets are made with a more durable appearance than natural rubbers. These sheets might have textured or flat surfaces. Potential uses for green sheets include the textile, automotive, building industries, etc.

Red Rubber Sheet

Red rubber sheets are a versatile material. They are resistant to chemicals, flexible, and strong. It is appropriate for a range of uses, such as the lining of tanks and silos, pipes, high-abrasion applications, etc.

Yellow Rubber Sheet

Yellow rubber sheets can have a smooth or patterned surface. They can also come with or without self-adhesive backing tape. Used for a variety of purposes, including flooring, décor, electronics, anti-vibration, etc.

Blue Rubber Sheet

Blue rubber sheets are entirely constructed of nitrile polymer. Our rubber sheets are made to be applied in gaskets, o-rings, strips, oven and cooler seals, food preparation and packaging, and other industries where there is a demand.

Grey Rubber Sheet

Greater resistance to acetone, acids, oil, and other chemicals is offered by the grey rubber sheets. They can be provided with or without an adhesive backing and with a smooth finish. It comes in a range of rubber materials, including neoprene.

Black Rubber Sheet

Natural rubber, butadiene, and styrene are mixed to create a black rubber sheet. The inclusion of polyester ensures high tensile strength and exceptional tear resistance. We produce them with industrial-grade materials that are incredibly strong, versatile, and durable.

White Rubber Sheet

The FDA has given white rubber sheet approval for applications in food and beverages. Any application that calls for exceptional wear and tear requires protection to deliver outstanding performance. Additionally, our white rubber sheet has excellent water resistance.

Brown Rubber Sheet

Brown rubber sheets add distinctive hues for simple identification. You can ensure optimum flexibility in this way. These are specifically created for various industries, such as those in agriculture, transportation, machinery, automotive, and aerospace, among others.

Clear Rubber Sheet

Clear rubber sheets are often produced from transparent silicone rubber, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. These sheets can be delivered in a variety of bespoke widths, lengths, thicknesses, etc. This ensures that you’ll have the ideal product for your projects.

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Colored Rubber Sheets Specifications

  • Sizes: 1mm to 25mm
  • Thickness: 0.3mm to over 25mm 
  • Length: 20m to 30m
  • Reinforcement: with Polyester, Nylon, Fiberglass
  • Rubber Range: EPDM, Natural, Silicone, Neoprene, etc.
  • Color: Customized depending on your requirements.
Colored Rubber Sheets Specifications
Comprehensive Features and Advantages

Comprehensive Features and Advantages

We expertly manufacture colored rubber sheet that offers superior features and advantages:

  • Exhibiting good mechanical properties
  • High-withstanding ability of chemicals, solvents, and fuels
  • Excellent tensile strength and flexibility
  • Resistance to discoloration, abrasion, and tear
  • Reduce waste
  • Environmentally-safe and user-friendly
  • Tolerates both low and high temperatures
  • Cut-to-size rubber sheets as per the needs of your project
  • Available in a wide variation of sheet elastomer, hardness and temperature range.

Processes of Manufacturing

We utilize the two primary methods in manufacturing our colored rubber sheets.

  • Molding. A process where rubber materials are formed into desired forms and shapes using a mold.
  • Extrusion. It is a process where raw materials are forced through a die in order to produce components in longer lengths and pieces.
Processes of Manufacturing

Weeprofab Colored Rubber Sheets Standard

We manufacture and supply high-quality rubber sheet that meets the highest certification standards. It includes:

  • FDA
  • ASTM
  • MIL
  • UL
  • USP Class VI
  • Aero Rubber, etc.
What Are the Most Widely Used Colored Rubber Sheets?

One of the most frequently utilized synthetic rubbers worldwide is black nitrile rubber. 

Due to its high resistance to oils, fuels, petroleum, and most solvents, it is ideal for use in situations where both natural and synthetic greases are prevalent.

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