cork rubber sheet

Cork Rubber Sheet

Cork Rubber Sheet

Weeprofab offers cork rubber sheet which combines cork compressibility and rubber shelf life. They are available in rolls cut to your specifications.

  • High rubber tensile strength
  • Outstanding performance

Your Leading Cork Rubber Sheet Supplier

Weeprofab produces custom cork sheets from granulated cork and synthetic rubber polymer. We make sure they do not contain holes but instead have a smooth surface.

Please contact us to help you with your Cork rubber sheet needs.

Specific Applications for Cork Sheet

  • Indoor use
  • Low impact areas
  • Cork backing material for boards
  • Light mechanical applications
  • Other office products where a cork sheet is required
Cork Rubber Sheets
Properties of Cork Rubber Sheet
Service Temperature -40 to 250° F
Density 44.3lb./cu. ft.
Tensile strength 250psi
Durometer 55 to 75
Compression 25 to 35%
Flexibility 3 Max
Recovery 85%
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