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Corrugated Rubber Mat

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Corrugated Rubber Mat

Weeprofab corrugated rubber mats are constructed with closed-space raised ribs. It is commonly made from sturdy SBR materials that are able to last throughout any season for many years.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Provides a non-slip surface
  • Will not absorb liquid
  • Quickly drying and hygienic
  • Insulate cold and dampness
  • Slip resistance rubber

Professional Corrugated Rubber Mat Manufacturer in China

Weeprofab corrugated rubber mats have a 1/8 thick protective floor covering. It is available in an assortment of lengths and widths of 48 inches. You can also choose your desired size and thickness depending on your specific requirements.

Our rubber mat has fine ribs that design to help in removing dirt or wetness. We assure you that our rubber sheets have passed international standards, especially ISO 9001, SGS, REACH, CE, and so on.

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Types of Corrugated Rubber Mat

We provide four types of rib mating that are functional and cost-effective. Check the following below:

  • Wide Rib. This wide rib mat distinguishes its sibling mat. It offers a substantially greater measure of comfort and performance.
  • Fine Rib. It has narrow ribs that are designed parallel to that mat. This is able to scrape dirt, moisture, and debris.
  • Ramp Cleat. This is the type of mat that is applicable for inclines and ramps where extra traction is required.
  • Composite Rib. It is a combination of fined rib and a wide rib mat. This is designed to provide scraping ability and comport with its wider protrusions.
Types of Corrugated Rubber Mat
What is the common application of corrugated rubber mat?

Our rubber mats are widely used in different fields including:

  • Fitness areas
  • Industrial walkways and ramps
  • Public place
  • Gymnasium
  • Stadium
  • Construction industry and many more


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