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Electrical Mat

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Electrical Mat

Weeprofab electrical mat are manufactured according to BS EN 6111:2009. You can choose from our 5 mat classes from 0 to 4. We can supply these electrical safety mats that is ideal for 1000 volts to 36000 volts.

  • Anti-slip surface according to slip resistant test
  • Can resist low temperature, oil, and acid
  • Weather, UV, and Ozone resistant
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Durable
  • High performance
  • Can be used for DC and AC applications

Leading Electrical Mat Supplier in China

We manufacture electrical safety mats that can provide protection the operators against electrical shock. Weeprofab designed these mats with flame retardant and halogen-free materials. Rest assured that all our electrical mats are compliant to health and safety regulation.

In addition, Weeprofab can supply these mats with anti-fatigue properties to provide comfort. It can also provide self-gripping and high flexibility.

You can choose from our wide range of thickness according to its class. Our Class A electrical rubber mat have 2mm, Class B with 2.5mm, and Class C with 3mm. Standard sizes of these mats are available in 10m x 10m. However, customization is also available upon your request.

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Wide Range of Electrical Mat Option

Safevolt Insulation Mat. These mats are used to avoid electrical shocks came from control panels. With its sturdy design, you can use it for commercial business.

Electrical Checker Mat. It is the most economical type of mat with easy-to-use functions.

Switchboard Mat. This mat is used primarily for insulating the worker for high voltage environment. You can assure that it is easy to clean with solid traction.

Anti-Static Mat. You can choose our anti-static mats that can absorb and drain static electricity.

ESD Mat. We designed ESD mats with an extensive selection of configurations and sizes.

Electrical Mat
What Does the Color-Coded Text in Electrical Rubber Mat Means?
Red Class 0 1.0kV
White Class 1 7.5kV
Yellow Class 2 17.0kV
Green Class 3 26.5kV
Orange Class 4 36.0kV
How to Determine Whether the Electrical Mat Class Suits My Business?

You can consider the following factors:

  • Workplace exposure
  • Voltage limit
  • Number of safety voltage
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