epdm rubber sheet

EPDM Rubber Sheet

  • EPDM Rubber Sheet
  • EPDM Rubber Sheet
  • EPDM Rubber Sheet
  • EPDM Rubber Sheet
  • EPDM Rubber Sheet
  • EPDM Rubber Sheet
  • EPDM Rubber Sheet
  • EPDM Rubber Sheet
  • EPDM Rubber Sheet
  • EPDM Rubber Sheet

EPDM Rubber Sheet

High-grade EPDM Rubber sheets provide outstanding resistance to various elements and use in several applications. These are resistant to heat, weather, ozone, and UV damage. It comes in a range of thicknesses, from 1 to 20 millimeters, or customized according to your needs.

  • Endure temperatures as low as -40° F and as high as 212° F
  • Offers a much longer life expectancy than a standard product
  • FDA, NSF / ANSI 61 certified
  • Weather-resistant EPDM rubber
  • Has a very good degree of chemical resistance

Your Leading EPDM Rubber Sheet Manufacturer

Weeprofab EPDM Rubber Sheet exceeds the flammability, smoke, and toxicity standards set by the transportation and automotive industry. It can also be used as exterior trim, vibration-reducing padding between panels, gaskets, O-rings, etc. These EPDM sheets are an FDA-approved material suitable for the food and beverages industry. Compared to conventional EPDM Rubber, it has higher stress absorption capabilities and a longer lifespan. All products undergo strict quality testing and passed various certifications such as RoHS, REACH, CE, IEC61111, FDA, etc.

Weeprofab supplies a wide range of EPDM Rubber Sheets including cellular EPDM in a closed cell, cellular EPDM in open cell format, solid EPDM in a 60a shore hardness, etc. We support color and size customization, mold customization, and fine processing to exceed your expectations. Low MOQ, fast lead time, and cost-effective products. Message us today!

Why Choose Weeprofab EPDM Rubber Sheet?

  • Highly versatile product
  • Broad operating temperature range
  • Very flexible at low and high temperatures
  • Superior water and steam resistance
  • Simple to size-cut and smooth finish
  • Outstanding color stability
  • Available in white food grade (FDA)
  • High level of tolerance to alkalis, acids, and oxygenated solvents
EPDM Rubber Sheet
How Durable Is EPDM Rubber?

Even when it is subjected to the abrasive components of outside weather patterns, EPDM rubber sheet has a long lifespan. Although solid EPDM rubber is quite dense and robust, it only has a durometer of 60 A. It also has an elongation of 300% and a minimum tensile strength of 725 PSI. It is more adaptable and suitable for a wider variety of applications.

What Variations of EPDM Are There?

There are two types of EPDM rubber. the solid and cellular form. For heavy-duty purposes, a solid EPDM rubber sheet is suitable for use. For situations where flexibility and compressibility are essential, the cellular variant of EPDM rubber is softer and more easily compacted.

Does EPDM Rubber Resist Oil?

Because kerosene and gasoline are both considered to be oils, EPDM rubber is regarded as a non-oil resistant material.

What Chemicals EPDM Rubber Sheet Can Handle?

Wide range of chemicals EPDM can withstand including anti-freeze, acetone, boric acid, Ethanol, formaldehyde, silver nitrate, saccharin, mercury, potassium sulfate, and even steam.

Do You Have Cut To Size EPDM Rubber Sheet?

Yes. We provide custom cut-to-size EPDM rubber sheet according to clients specifications.

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