flexible silicone sheet

Flexible Silicone Sheet

Flexible Silicone Sheet

Weeprofab flexible silicone sheet is designed with long service life in mind. It provides high resistance to fluids, chemicals, and critical temperature environments. Therefore, it can be used for moisture protection, cell culture plates, and more.

  • 40° Hardness (Shore A)
  • Silicone material
  • UV & Ozone-damage resistant
  • Offers better durability
  • Highly flexible
  • Non-yellowing
  • Easy to shape & cut

Expert Flexible Silicone Sheet Supplier in China

Weeprofab provides flexible silicone sheet that offers glass clear transparency and excellent flexibility. You can select them in thicknesses from 0.25mm to 3.2mm. And widths of 915mm in almost any length. This ensures to match your needs.

Our series of flexible sheets are made of a high silicone polymer mixture. And we make these available in specialty and standard grades. It also comes in a form of rolls and smooth surface finish on both sides.

If you are a business that distributes and manufactures silicone, we can work with you. We will help you discover the exact flexible silicone sheet you need.

Why Weeprofab Flexible Silicone Sheet

  • Custom services. Whatever technical strength or production capacity you demand, we can customize them for you.
  • Custom printing. If you would like to print your logo on the sheets, we will use our advanced printing machine in the process.
  • Available in any color. You can choose black, white, and more.
Flexible Silicone Sheets
Elongation 450%
Tensile strength 1000psi
Tear strength 125ppi
Working temp. -62°C to +218°C
Compression set 30%
How long does flexible silicone sheet last?

They can last up to 3-4 months of continuous use.

Please avoid using them under too much heat or cold. It will affect the sheet’s longevity.

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