Glossary of Rubber Terms

Weeprofab has a list of glossaries so you can have a better understanding of different rubber terms.

Abrasion Resistance – defining the rubber abrasion characteristics is somehow hard since the results given by abrasion machines are not always similar. The results on the machine were recorded as volume loss per standard test piece.

Accelerated Ageing – The long-term aging evaluation utilizes the heat aging method. Different tensile tests such as dumbbells and hardness are put in a circulating oven within a specific temperature and time.

Chemical Resistance – It is when the rubber properties such as elongation, strength, and hardness are changed due to chemical presence.

Coefficient of Friction – It is the ratio of the required force for moving an elastomer on a surface.

Compression Set – This is the unrecovered height of the rubber which is usually the percentage of the total compression amount.

Diaphragm Rubber Sheeting – It is a kind of special elastomer grade which is reinforced with fabric sheeting. As its name implies, these rubbers are widely used for diaphragm purposes.

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