gum rubber sheet

Gum Rubber Sheet

  • GUM Rubber Sheet
  • GUM Rubber Sheet
  • GUM Rubber Sheet
  • GUM Rubber Sheet
  • GUM Rubber Sheet
  • GUM Rubber Sheet
  • GUM Rubber Sheet
  • GUM Rubber Sheet

Gum Rubber Sheet

Natural gum rubber sheets are a popular nonmarking rubber material. It features soft, supple nature and excellent flexibility. This is made from tree-derived raw materials, thus, known as an eco-friendly elastomer.

  • 600% Elongation
  • Up to 2500 PSI tensile strength
  • -20 to + 160 Deg F temperature
  • Available in tan or red color
  • 40 +/- 5 (Shore A) Standard Durometer

Your Trusted Gum Rubber Sheet Manufacturer in China

Gum rubber sheet provides good metal adhesion and is perfect for electrical insulation. In addition, it demonstrates strong rip, cut resistance, and high rebound elasticity. Although gum rubber sheet resists both salts and mild acids, it is not advised for use in greasy situations or for outdoor applications with ozone exposure.

Weeprofab manufactures a high degree of performance gum rubber sheets for all applications. We stock a wide range of thicknesses, colors, sizes, and features of this sheet. You can order this gum rubber in sheets or rubber rolls 36-inch and 48-inch wide. It can also be slit to width and custom cut to your specifications. You can message us for your specification. Our company provides flexible MOQ, cost-effective products, and OEM support.

Gum Rubber Sheet Applications

For applications needing excellent abrasion resistance and cushioning, gum rubber sheet is employed. These are ideal for scraping conveyor belts, ice makers, elastomers, tubing, and other materials. It is also used to create several kinds of seals, including those for doors and skirting for hoppers and containers.

At Weeprofab, we provide an extensive selection of gum rubber sheets. With advanced manufacturing processes and equipment, we can deliver high-standard products for your business.

GUM Rubber Sheet
How Do You Custom Cut Gum Rubber Sheet Order?

Your unique parts will be designed and cut by Weeprofab using the best production technique. It comprises knife table cutting, water jet cutting, dies cutting, slitter cutting, etc.

Do You Comply with Any Gum Rubber Sheet Certification?

Yes, definitely.

Our products have passed RoHS, REACH, CE, IEC61111, ASTM, BS, and other international standards. Our laboratory provides test certifications upon request.

How Do You Guarantee the Quality Control of Your Products?

Internal mixers are used to compound rubber. The product’s quality is regularly checked by our team. We analyze samples for both their physical and chemical features. Every ingredient of gum rubber sheets is routinely inspected and monitored.

The production process inspections at different stages are carried out, along with performance testing and final inspection. All our products are approved to fulfill the strictest standards in infrastructure, maritime, and military, civil construction, oil & gas applications, etc.

Do You Accept Flexible Payment Methods?

Yes, we do accept flexible payment methods. We can also accept payment from various channels and can accept multiple currencies.


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