natural rubber sheet

Natural Rubber Sheet

  • Natural Rubber Sheet
  • Natural Rubber Sheet
  • Natural Rubber Sheets
  • Natural Rubber Sheet
  • Natural Rubber Sheet
  • Natural Rubber Sheet
  • Natural Rubber Sheets
  • Natural Rubber Sheet

Natural Rubber Sheet

Weeprofab natural rubber sheet is a type of elastomer that provides excellent tear strength and abrasion resistance. It is also designed with a superior compound for all wear-resistance uses.

  • Offers you a good elasticity
  • Highly resistant to high operating temperatures
  • Good resistance against chemicals, gas, acids, and corrosions
  • Have a smooth surface to prevent any scratches
  • Cost-effective, it provides much cheaper than other materials like metal

Leading Natural Rubber Sheet Supplier in China

Weeprofab offers all types of natural rubber sheeting such as bridge bearing and food quality. It provides excellent chemical, rebound, and dynamic properties.

You can choose our black color with superior mechanical strength. Weeprofab also offers custom hardness and specific gravity. It usually comes with a smooth surface finish. However, we can customize the surface finish on both sides to meet your requirements.

We can supply you wide range of thicknesses from 1 to 10mm. Cut-to-size is also available upon your request.

In addition, the sheets are certified by REACH, ISO, IEC, CE, ASTM, and IS15652. You can assure its quality, safety, and high performance.

Weeprofab will be glad to help you reap profits with our natural rubber sheeting. Send us your inquiries today!

Natural Rubber Sheets for Industrial Applications

Our natural rubber sheets are designed to be used in a different fields for industrial applications such as:

  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Commercial
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Marine and more.
Natural Rubber Sheets for Industrial Applications
What are the materials to make natural rubber sheets?

The main material to make rubber sheet are nitrile, synthetic rubber, Viton, neoprene, urethane, and silicone materials.

How do you produce this natural rubber sheets?

In the manufacturing process, we used three main steps:

  1. Vulcanization. It is the process of heating the rubber.
  2. Calendaring. This process involves rolling a vulcanized rubber onto a thin sheet.
  3. Cutting.  A process to cut rubber sheets in various sizes.
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