perforated rubber sheet

Perforated Rubber Sheet

Perforated Rubber Sheet

The perforated rubber sheet is produced using roll-manufactured or molded rubbers. Perforated holes are made using high-speed piercing technology or a high-tolerance water jet.

FDA grade materials

Thickness available from 0.25mm-100mm

250% – 600% elongation

Why Choose Weeprofab Perforated Rubber Sheeting

Weeprofab manufactures perforated rubber sheets using different rubber materials. Some options include NBR, Silicone, NR, and EPDM. It is perfectly constructed using modern techniques under stern surveillance. The rubber sheets hardness and grades can be converted according to your requirement.

Weeprofab ensures that our product is highly resistant to UV light, oxidation, ozone, cosmic radiation, etc. It is highly resilience, tear-resistant, and has a fine finish. Feel free to message us now!

Uses and Applications of Perforated Rubber Sheeting

Our perforated rubber sheet is ideal for commercial, industrial, home-building projects, and medical appliance industries. You can use this product for:

  • Sterilizer/washer mats
  • Filtration mats
  • Indexing mats and drying mats
  • Ute mats for truck trays
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