Research and Testing

Weeprofab Research and Testing

Weeprofab is a leading manufacturer that supplies all types of rubber products. We have a professional Research and Development team to ensure quality. Our services are also expanded to provide analysis of different rubber polymers.

In addition, Weeprofab has advanced testing labs that comply with ISO 17025:2005 requirements.

Development of Custom Rubber Compound

Rest assured that we provide benchmarking tests and evaluations on all rubber compound. Our team will work closely with you for your specific rubber compound development.

Testing and Inspection

We test all our rubber products according to ASTM and ISO standards. Aside from that, we also perform weathering testing, material property testing, and environmental resistance testing.

Verification and Analysis of Rubber Compound

Weeprofab is well-equipped with advanced analysis equipment for simple material identification, deconstruction, and formulation analysis. This equipment also helps in determining various manufacturing failures.

Common Rubber Test Parameters and Its Corresponding Standards to Comply

Tensile Strength, Modulus, and Elongation at Break

Standards: ASTM D 412-16a, IS 3400-2012 (Part I), Reaffirmed 2017, BS ISO 37-2017

Specific Gravity

Standards: ASTM D 297-2015, IS 3400-2020 (Part IX), BS ISO 2781-2018

Tear Strength

Standards: ASTM D 624-00-2020, IS 3400-2019, BS ISO 34-1-2017

Hardness Shore A

Standard: ASTM D 2240-15e1, IS 3400-2014, BS ISO 34-1-2017

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