Rubber Cow Mat

Rubber Cow Mat

  • Rubber Cow Mat
  • Rubber Cow Mat
  • Rubber Cow Mat
  • Rubber Cow Mat
  • Rubber Cow Mat
  • Rubber Cow Mat
  • Rubber Cow Mat
  • Rubber Cow Mat

Rubber Cow Mat

Weeprofab rubber cow mats are designed to reduce strains and stress on the cows. These heavy-duty mats are easy to install and remove. It also helps in keeping the cows comfortable and safe when standing for a long time. We designed rubber cow stall mats with the textured and non-absorbing surfaces.

  • Resilient and cushion comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Waste bedding volume is reduced
  • Can be installed in compacted dirt, clay, concrete
  • Allows you money, time, and labor-saving
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Professional Rubber Cow Mat Supplier in China

We manufacture rubber cow matting that is commonly available in black color. These are designed with anti-fatigue properties and a cobbled pattern. You can choose from our interlocking edge or straight edge options.

At Weeprofab, we offer these mats in customized weights, dimensions, thicknesses, and sizes. We used recycled materials to ensure durability. Rest assured that we can meet all your specifications. You can guarantee 10 to 15 days of delivery.

Please send us your inquiries today!

Why Choose Weeprofab Rubber Cow Mats

Increased Profits. You can assure that our rubber cow matting is a cost-effective investment for your dairy industry.

Hygienic. With their non-porous design, these mats can be easily disinfected for healthy surroundings.

Safe to Use. You can guarantee that our rubber non-slip cow mats can reduce injuries to the herd.

Rubber Cow Mat
Applications and Uses of a Rubber Cow Mat

Weeprofab offers one-stop rubber cow mat solution for the following applications:

  • Commercial
  • Dairy
  • Equine
  • Calving area
  • Walkways
  • Lieback area
  • Milking parlor
Technical Specifications and Parameters
Tensile Strength 6.0Mpa
Hardness 65⁰ Shore A
Density 1.4SG
Minimum Elongation 300%
Abrasion Resistant 200mm3
Operating Temperature -20 to 70⁰C
What Raw Materials Do You Use for Production?

The most common material we used for rubber cow mat production is natural rubber or SBR. However, we can also produce according to your specific material selection.

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