Rubber Mat Manufacturer

Rubber Mat Manufacturer

Weeprofab produces rubber mats from 100% recycled rubber. And we make these available in multiple color and thickness options to meet your projects.

  • Anti-fatigue design
  • Long-lasting mats
  • Standard and custom-made

Professional Rubber Mat Supplier in China

Weeprofab is a professional rubber mat manufacturer that is guaranteed durable. These custom mats are ideal to prevent contaminants and effectively insulate sounds.  They also absorb shock better than normal mats.

It usually comes in 120cm x 80cm standard size. But for your specific size requirements, discuss them with our team.

You can choose from our wide selection of rubber mats to meet your needs. Available colors also vary from green, black, white, and more. We ensure you can get them at the best prices.

We assure you that our rubber mats are the perfect mat for your space and skyrocket your business.

Please send us your inquiries today!

Main Uses and Application

  • Custom rubber mats are commonly used for laying on outdoor floors, indoor floors, and gym floors.
  • It is built specifically for the needs of large animals such as cattle and horses.
  • Also suitable for various commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications.
Main Uses and Application
The Design

The Design

We designed these mats with anti-slip construction. It allows any water to drain below the surface.

Also comes with a tapered border design that makes it non-trip. Therefore, you can add them for your workplace safety.

Available Accessories

We offer rubber mat accessories such as:

  • grip tapes
  • anti-slip tapes
  • mud chuckers
  • mat racks
  • heated snow mats
Available Accessories

Why Choose Weeprofab Rubber Mat

Good Quality Mats

Comfort and safety is guaranteed with our rubber mats. Ensure that your employees and customers are protected from slips, falls, or injuries in your facility.

Increases Your Profits

Adding them to your business collection will surely increase your income.

Custom Printing

You can print your own brand on these rubber mats. This way, you can effectively advertise your business to many potential customers.

Custom Construction

The size, length, width, and other specifications are customized to fit your industry. We used our high-tech, advanced machines in the process.

The Lifespan
The Lifespan

Between 1 and 3 years.

Please avoid exposure to too much heat or water. Therefore, you can avoid visible damages to the mats.

Easy To Install
Easy To Install

Mats made of rubber are easy to glue and trimmed to any surface.

They can be installed with flat surfaces up or down according to your needs.

Technical DATA

Dimensions 4′ x 6′ x 3/4″
Standard weight per piece 94 Pounds
Tensile strength 321psi
Shore Hardness 65
Tear resistance 122.5 lbs/in.
Appearance Roll per piece
Package Custom Made, carton, or plastic woven bag
Shape Rectangular coil & square sheet
Standard width options 500/1000mm


Is rubber mat toxic?

We offer toxic-free rubber flooring mats. They are safe against contaminants.

Do you offer reusable rubber mats?

Yes. They can be used multiple times before you see visible wear.

These mats are easy to clean and disinfect for next use.

Do rubber mats absorb heat?

The rubber can absorbs 0.3 heat. Besides, these mats also have higher resistance to asphalt, concrete, and sand.

What certifications rubber mats have passed?
  • UL rating for flame retardant properties
  • ANSI for weathering resistance
  • IEC61111 for electrical safety flooring
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