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Silicone Sheet Manufacturer

Weeprofab supplies an extensive range of silicone sheets. This material is widely used for several applications due to its easy-to-manufacture and shaping process. It can be custom cut according to your needs to suit your requirements.

  • 600° F / 315° C temperature rating
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Great sealing capabilities
  • Custom sizes available

Silicone Sheet Supplier - Weeprofab

Weeprofab silicone sheets are an excellent elastomer. It offers excellent weathering and ozone resistance suitable for most demanding applications. Available in FDA and WRAS-approved grades ideal for the medical, food, and beverages industry. Weeprofab manufactures all types of silicone sheets for your applications. Whether you need silicone sponge sheets, fiberglass-reinforced silicone sheets, conductive silicone sheets, or clear silicone sheets, you can rely on Weeprofab. Our standard silicone sheets come in a variety of widths and lengths. This guarantees that you receive the ideal product for your requirements.

All sheets undergo strict quality control. Guaranteed high-quality, certified and versatile. Weeprofab support OEM and ODM services. All products are cost-effective, low MOQ, and easy to produce. Request full-rolls, custom shapes, cut-to-size, or custom thicknesses from Weeprofab.

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Conductive Silicone Sheets

Highly flexible, lightweight, and high-performance. Perfect for your specific requirements.

Fiberglass Reinforced Silicone Sheet

Provide excellent tear resistant, UV, and Ozone resistance. High-grade silicone rubber.

Flexible Silicone Sheet

Made of a high silicone polymer mixture, flexible and high resistance to various chemicals.

Food Grade Silicone Rubber Sheet

Non-toxic, hygienic, and safe to use for a product with food contact. Cost-effective FDA-compliant sheet.

Heat Resistant Silicone Sheet

Made in various hardness, thickness, size, and color options to fit your demanding applications.

High Tear Resistance Rubber Sheet

Used in a variety of industries due to its excellent durability, great resistance to wear and tear, etc.

Metal Detectable Silicone Sheet

Withstand  -60°C to +200°C working temperatures silicone sheet. Perfect for making insulation barriers, seals, etc.

Platinum Cured Silicone Sheet

Offer peroxide-free, high-temperature resistance, and nonyellowing properties. High-performance sheet for your applications.

Silicone Foam Rubber Sheet

Exhibit foam lightness and high sealing properties. Functional and high-quality products.

Silicone Membrane

Silicone membrane handles -60°C to 230°C working temperature. FDA-grade materials in various colors.

Silicone Rubber Profile

Weeprofab produces standard and custom silicone profile sizes and shapes for your needs. Low cost and low MOQ.

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Why Choose Weeprofab Silicone Sheet?

  • Available in various options – You can choose whether you need translucent, black, red oxide, white, blue color, etc.
  • Good sealing capabilities – silicone sheets have exceptional sealing capabilities in both high and low temperatures.
  • Wide range of hardness – available in 30° to 80° hardness shore A.
  • Resistance to several components – chemical, temperature, moisture, corn oil, fish oil, sulfur, etc.
  • Strict Quality control – We perform several tests such as tensile strength test, water, heat, tearing, twisting, elongation, flexibility and more. It ensures the silicone sheet’s highest performance and longevity.
Silicone sheet
Silicone sheet

Silicone Sheet Applications

Silicone sheets can be found in different industries. This material is used to make gaskets, strips & seals utilized for:

  • Food and beverages industry
  • Electrical insulation
  • Medical sector
  • Construction industries
  • Architectural glazing systems
  • Marine sealing applications
  • Heating and Ventilation (HVAC)
  • Automotive seals & insulation

FDA Approved Silicone Sheets

FDA-compliant silicone sheets are made from secure and authorized components. The materials are listed in FDA regulations CFR 177.2600. As a result, they strictly abide by laws governing the handling and packing of consumables.

For creating seals and gaskets that will come into contact with food, food-grade silicone sheets are suitable. It can function between -75 and 260 degrees Celsius. You can rely on Weeprofab’s manufacturing method if you need food-quality silicone sheets.

Silicone sheet

Leading Silicone Sheet Supplier in China

Silicone sheet
Silicone sheet

Weeprofab specialized in silicone sheet manufacturing for many years. We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality sheet for your applications. Our team can help design nearly any manufactured silicone sheet and do silicone color matching to exceed your specifications. With advanced production machines and consistently developing technology and production efficiency, we can offer competitive products. In every stage of production from raw material, producing, packaging, storage, and loading, we perform quality tests and inspections. With Weeprofab you can achieve:

  • Full customization
  • 24/7 online support
  • There are backed adhesive on hand.
  • On-time delivery and short lead times
  • Free samples and design drawings are provided

Send us a message right now to find out how we can supply the best silicone sheeting goods to you.

Silicone sheet
Various Cutting Methods

Regardless of the requirements for your projects, there are numerous methods for preparing silicone sheets to meet your demands. Cutting silicone sheets to match your operation is a simple operation Weeprofab offer. We provide high precision and cost-effective techniques such as;

  • Hand cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Die cutting
  • Water jet cutting
Silicone sheet
Wide Range of Silicone Sheet Grades We Offer
  • General-purpose silicone grades
  • Military specification grades
  • High flex / high tear strength grades
  • New liquid silicone rubber sheet
  • Premium grade
  • Commercial grade
  • FDA approved grades
  • Platinum cured options.

Custom Silicone For Your Various Product Needs

Silicone Hose
Silicone Hose

Strong and durable silicone hose perfect for marine, irrigation, automotive industry, and more. It can withstand high temperatures and is resistant to ozone damage, UV, and weather. If you have specific silicone hose needs, Weeprofab is the best solution.

Silicone Gasket
Silicone Gasket

Find the highest quality silicone gasket at Weeprofab. It offers an excellent sealing solution for the food and beverages industry, plumbing, medical, etc. Certified to CE, RoHS, ISO, REACH certifications, and more.

Silicone Rubber Strips
Silicone Rubber Strips

Perfect for manufacturing high-strength gaskets, edging, and seals. Have excellent elongation and resistance features. All products have strict quality control, thus ensuring high quality and performance.

Silicone Rubber Cord
Silicone Rubber Cord

Can be made from 1mm to 60mm outer diameter sizes. You can request a range of shore hardness, lengths, and colors of rubber cords. Weeprofab custom silicone rubber cord to meet your requirements.

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