Sustainability and Environmental

Sustainable Rubber Product Manufacturing

As a professional manufacturer, Weeprofab is committed to manufacturing rubber products with minimum environmental impact. We are also making an effort on reducing our carbon footprints. Our company regularly assess measure and identify on how we can improve our environmentally friendly production process.

Below are our continuous effort to promote an environmentally-friendly production.

  • Our supply chain is regularly reviewed by our professional team to keep them local. International and local shipments are also consolidated. Therefore, reducing the environmental impact while keeping costs under control.
  • Our on-site printers are significantly reduced. Documents such as statements, quotations, invoices, and more are sent through email or scanning. Thus, reducing the use of paper and ink. At Weeprofab, all packaging, paper, and other printer consumables are recycled.
  • We re-used warehouse packaging and pallets. There are also instances that we recycle packaging whenever possible.
  • Weeprofab implemented phone or video call appointments whether overseas or local. Therefore, we can have meetings with our customers without them traveling.
  • Our factory and offices use LED lighting as an alternative to incandescent to promote energy efficiency. We also switched off electronic devices such as printers and computers when not in use.
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