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Van Mat

Weeprofab van mats are designed with diamond surface to ensure anti-skidding. Thus, preventing the van loads to shift. It also helps in protecting your vehicle floors. These mats are also designed with anti-slip and durability.

  • Offers high-density
  • Maximum weather protection
  • Flexibility
  • Resistant to spills, dirt, stains, and debris
  • Long-lasting
  • Wear and tear resistance

Top-Rated Van Mat Supplier in China

Weeprofab manufactures van mat that are available in standard and extended full sizes. You can request for a trimming to fit rear floor, wheel well, and vehicle wall to wall.

These are available in universal rectangular shape. We provide up to 69” W x 123” L dimension. However, it can be cut-to-size according to your requirements.

You can guarantee low MOQ and affordable pricing to support your business.

Send us your inquiries today!

Extensive and General Applications

We manufacture van mats that are suitable for different applications:

  • Full-size van
  • Mini van
  • Trailers
  • Box trucks
  • Cars, and more
Van Mat
Does the Van Mats Withstand Extreme Conditions?

Yes. Weeprofab designed van rubber mats that can withstand extreme conditions without deforming, splitting, or cracking.

What Materials Do You Use for Van Rubber Mat Production?

We used recycled tyre rubbers to produce van mats. Thus, you can assure that these mats are environmentally-friendly.

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