white rubber sheet

White Rubber Sheet

White Rubber Sheet

Weeprofab white rubber sheet is approved by the FDA for drink and food applications. It brings outstanding performance in all applications that require high tear and wear protection. Our white rubber sheet is also highly resistant to water.

  • Highly Versatile
  • Smooth Surface Finish
  • Easy to Cut
  • Available in all grades, finishes, and colors

Professional White Rubber Sheet Manufacturer

Weeprofab supplies white rubber sheets in a wide range of thicknesses, from 0.5-40mm as standard. We can provide them in any format – strip cut lengths or full rolls. You can also request any shapes and bespoke gaskets to match your exact needs.

Being a leading white rubber sheet supplier in China, we carefully choose the highest quality materials. This could ensure that you get a reliable sheet that can offer outstanding life expectancy.

Message us for any customized services!

Technical Specification

  • Hardness: 38° Shore A
  • Material: Natural Rubber
  • Color: White
  • Roll Size: 1mm x 1400mm x 20m; 1.5mm, 1400mm, 20m; 2mm x 1400mm x 20m; 3mm x 1400mm, 10m; 4mm x 1400mm x 20m; as per customer’s requirements
Does White Rubber Sheet Withstand High Temperatures?

These sheets can work in temperatures ranging from -103 F to 450 F. Therefore, it can withstand the damaging effects of harsh temperature conditions.

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